Pressure Ulcers (also called Bedsores, Decubitus Ulcers), Diabetic Ulcers, Vascular Ulcers, and Xerosis

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Our top priority is preventing the formation of pressure ulcers and treating existing ones. Pressure ulcers are a common phenomenon mainly due to a lack of awareness of the possibility of wound development.


Dr. Michael Schwartz

Dermatology Specialist

"The combination of accessories for pressure ulcers and CleaDerma DCB ointment prevented many potential pressure ulcers."

pressure ulcer

When you take the pressure off the wound area with adapted sleeping and sitting accessories and also combine the use of CleaDerma DCB ointment, the following happens:

Reviews from dermatologists


Dr. Rachel Haldims


"After an experimental sample, we concluded that the combination of pressure sore accessories and CleaDerma DCB ointment reduces the chance of the wound developing by 43%."


Dr. Mariel Senry


"Treatment of the pressure point on the bone and the sensitive skin in the area create a very sensible preventive treatment."


Dr. Dimitry Pix


"The existing methods are outdated and ineffective. It's time to switch to combined treatment."


Dr. Sara Yona

Dermatology Specialist

"Now the care at home and in nursing homes will become accepted, and the load from the hospitals will decrease."

your loved ones are Happy & Healthy

"My mother's treatment was complicated, but compared to other cases I had heard of, CleaDerma DCB saved us."

Theo James

“"... suddenly, the treatment at home seems more effective than the hospital."”

Emilia Munro

"The deal was worthwhile, especially when the insurance does not cover all the services."

Branden Griffiths

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The collaborations with companies for accessories for pressure sores are essential to us because these are two preventive treatments that complement each other and make many patients feel relieved from the complications of the wound.

The skin will be nourished with many fluids that will delay the development of the wound, but as long as a lot of pressure is applied to the area of ​​the potential wound, there is the fear of developing a pressure ulcer.

The products are not sold in the same place, but there are joint publications as part of the collaboration between CleaDerma DCB and accessory companies.

Of course! As part of our activity, we regularly work with nursing homes and provide them with solutions for pressure ulcers.

The ointment does not contain steroids, and its particular and natural active ingredients help the skin to perform its natural action without forcing it chemically. This way, the effect of the treatment is long-term, and the body does not get used to the ointment, so it will always be effective.

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