Pressure Ulcers (also called Bedsores, Decubitus Ulcers), Diabetic Ulcers, Vascular Ulcers, and Xerosis




Pharma Naturalis is a company based in Israel and specializing in the c. Production of Dermocosmetics and Medical Device Solutions for humans and animals. The company has unique knowledge in the treatment of complex skin problems such as Pressure Ulcers, Psoriasis, Xerosis (extreme dryness of the skin), Cellulite, Burns, Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, and much more. The company’s specialty and main strength is its extensive knowledge and over 20 years of experience in developing and preparing extracts independently in the company’s laboratories, based on ancient sources, and unique technologies

פארמה נטורליס


Our Personal Story

It all began in December 2005 when my mother (76) slipped and injured her back and pelvis. She was hospitalized for a month in a geriatric ward, and when she returned home, she couldn’t walk, and she became bedridden; after a month, I became acquainted with the term Pressure ulcers (Decubitus Ulcer). At first, it looked like nothing but a rush, but I called the doctor anyway, and she said it was the first stage of pressure ulcers; she gave me a prescription for a cortisone cream and instructed me and the health care worker I’ve hired how and when to turn my mother on her side and a type of air mattress I had to buy and so on, I did all that the doctor ordered faster than the speed of light, two weeks later there were more red spots and even one or two blue ones, I got terrified, let me phrase that again, I got really scared, by then I already looked up pressure ulcers (Decubitus Ulcer) on the internet. The thought of my mother suffering from pressure ulcers made me lose lots of sleep.

I’ve decided that there must be a solution (here is the time to mention that my partner and I own a Dead Sea cosmetics factory specializing in treating Psoriasis). I asked myself, what really happens (in laymen’s terms) that causes the development of Pressure ulcers? I know that it starts with a constant outside pressure that presses the skin and flesh to the bones in areas like the pelvis, the lower back, the hips, the calves, and the heels; this constant pressure disrupts blood circulation and thus deprives the skin of receiving oxygen, nourishment and cell building materials it needs to live, once deprived of those things it withers and dye. This process includes loss of moisture, loss of elasticity, and loss of the skin’s capability to rejuvenate itself, so it gets dry. Dry skin cells dye and release substances that eat the skin/flesh away causing a cavity that may cause sepsis and death; wow, death is a very big and scary word (but it’s true, pressure ulcers can do that).

In stage one, where the skin starts to lose moisture and gets dry, it manifests in redness (looks like a regular rush).
A continuation of pressure leads to stage two, where skin cells begin to dye; this manifests as a blue brose-like wound.
Stage three is where the skin begins to peel off, and it looks like a red abrasion wound; the skin is already becoming necrotic.
Stage four is when the necrotic skin, or rather the substances it secretes, eats into the flesh, creating a cavity; this cavity may cause sepsis and death.
Now that I think that I know everything I need to know about pressure ulcers, I started to think of a solution, and it had to be a very fast one; I’m not a doctor, so I turned to logic and the lure of herbal medicine, logic says that Pressure ulcers existed for a long time before modern medicine and medical devices, so how did they treat Pressure ulcers in the old days? We will get back to this question later. The second thing is a pressure ulcer has got stages; why not treat every stage on its own? Why not treat the symptoms the outside symptoms and let the body do its natural healing process? And then it hit me; I must supply the body in every stage what is lost due to the disruption of blood circulation; all I have to do is find the right ingredients and the delivery system to deliver them to the skin; easier said than done. Maybe I can find the right ingredients if I’ll dig deep enough; I have Dead Sea minerals at my disposal; it’s the best cell building materials, but how am I going to deliver them into the skin without using any medicinal ingredients and working only with Natural Active Ingredients (NAI) how the hell am I going to do that and in such short time,

First, I turned to the symptoms:
1. Lose of moisture.
2. Lose of nourishment.
3. Lose of elasticity.
4. Lose of rejuvenation capability.

I thought back then that finding Natural Active Ingredients to provide answers to the symptoms above is easy, but it wasn’t because it is not skin in its natural state, and it acts differently; I mean, all the medical devices and all the physical treatments of moving the patient to reduce pressure and so on, they are good until the skin is the heart and changes its behavior and once it does the wound will develop eventually. I went through all of my books and notebooks, I spent hours upon hours on the net, and I realized that what prevented others so far from finding a solution is that the natural active ingredients first contradict one another in specific concentrations, and each one needs a different carrier as a natural delivery system, anyways to make a long story short, I actually produced 4 different types of creams, each to treat one symptom, and the caregiver I’ve hired and I had to apply them in certain intervals, and it was lots of work and absolutely not easy and convenient to my mother, but I had to, I didn’t even explain to her what can happen and how severe Pressure wounds can be. It worked, not as good as I wanted, but it worked; it kept stage one at bay, and after three months, even stage one disappeared, and I realized that continuous usage of the cream is actually a preventive treatment, but as my mother’s condition deteriorated (from her illness) it became more and more difficult for us to treat her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to combine all four products together by the time my mother passed away in July 2006.

I have to say that for almost 18 months I didn’t touch those products and didn’t want to hear or do anything related to a pressure ulcers, but on early 2008 a good friend of mine called me on a Saturday morning to tell me that his grandmother has developed a pressure ulcers and at the Old Age Home where she stayed, he was told about the stages of a pressure ulcers and he must have the creams I used on my mother, of course I provided him with the creams and the tedious process almost caused him to give up, but it was successful and even other families where referred to me by the nurses at the old age home to purchase the creams and all said it works, but it’s difficult to use and the price for all those four unique creams is too high, I realized that I had to find a solution of how to incorporate all four creams together, without the formula braking, I had to improve the efficacy (and in a short time of usage) of the product and more then everything else I had to find a natural delivery system in a cost that will render the price of the end product affordable, well it took me a whole year but I did it, I’ve changed some of the ingredients according to old Bedouin Knowledge of treating such sores caused by horse riding, both to the horse underneath the saddle and the rider from long riding hours, and I also found the delivery ingredients I needed in the writings of an old Jewish religious scholar the “Rambam”, I’ve found the exact concentration of ingredients by lots of trials and errors and the cooperation of several families from the old age home where my friends grandmother was treated and the circle of people knowing about the product grew larger and larger and results (after a week or two of treatment) grew better and better to a stage where I’ve decided together with my partner to commercialize the product, we’ve created a new line of products for the treatment of various skin ailments based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated researching for solutions for the pressure ulcers (Decubitus Ulcer) we call the line CleaDerma™ and we call the pressure ulcers product – DCB – a short for Decubitus Ulcer.

CleaDerma DCB is a Moisturizing / Nourishing Mega Booster, and that’s really what it does.

It provides the skin with moisture and nourishment and needed building materials the skin needs to restore elasticity and regain its rejuvenation capabilities, all that is lost (in the case of pressure wounds) due to outside mechanical pressure or any other reason for that matter. The CleaDerma™ DCB enhances and promotes the skin’s natural healing process, and more than everything, it is a preventive treatment product, use it in the areas prone to developing pressure wounds, and it will significantly reduce the chances of a wound developing. If stage one develops, it will be stopped immediately; it is a unique product.

You will not find any other ointment with Natural Active Ingredients (NAI) that can deliver such results in such a short time.

I have to stress here that the CleaDerma™ DCB doesn’t have to be used only on its own; it can be used with other treatment methods as well; it will only promote faster and better healing/prevention of the wound.

Well, I guess you can say that necessity is the mother of all inventions and it’s true, I couldn’t see my mother suffer and the CleaDerma™ DCB came to be. Since then I found out that not only old bedridden people are susceptive to Pressure ulcers / Bed Sore / Decubitus Ulcer, but also spinal cord injuries and other spinal cord malformation patients, comma patients, paralyzed and wheelchair-bound people, osteoporosis patients, and even diabetic patients all can develop pressure ulcers and all can use the CleaDerma™ DCB to treat the wounds and as a preventive treatment for pressure ulcers prone areas (even before the first wound, actually don’t wait for the first wound, start now).

If you have a member of the family or a close friend or someone in your community, let them know of this marvelous product, and get it for them now.



If you are an importer or distributor who works with hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities,
caregivers, long-term care, hospices, and pharmacies, or you are acquainted with one,
please have him contact us for business cooperation.


If you are an importer or distributor who works with hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, caregivers, long-term care, hospices, and pharmacies, or you are acquainted with one, please have him contact us for business cooperation.

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